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Solar Energy

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Attention DPU customers, please be advised that there are salesmen in many area neighborhoods who are representing themselves as affiliated with DPU, and are trying to sell solar panels.  DPU has not contracted with any outside source for the promotion of solar power.  DPU believes that solar power is a very important renewable energy source and is proud that a component of the energy purchased by DPU is generated by solar.  We advise all customers to fully investigate any solar company before purchasing and if there are any questions, please call our electric division at (803) 268-4204. 

Solar panels are not free, despite what you may hear. Solar panels allow you to generate clean energy and can save you money. However, purchasing a solar system, or signing a 20 year lease for solar panels, is like buying a car—you need to do your homework, check prices from several sources, and think carefully about how your needs will be met by the choices you are considering. As you would with any sales pitch, watch out for red flags!

Red Flags for Solar Scams
Questions to ask a solar installer

Information You Should Verify 

  • Does the contractor have any complaints pending at the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Contractor’s Licensing Board?
  • Is the contractor affiliated with and/or have membership with local, state and/ or national organizations relevant to the work they are doing?
  • Does the contractor have reviews on the Better Business Bureau website?
  • Does the contractor have workers’ compensation and liability insurance, and if so, how much?

Solar leasing companies must be certified by the ORS. The ORS maintains a list of certified leasing companies. Ensure your leasing company is certified in South Carolina before entering into a contract.

For more information on solar in South Carolina, visit SOLAR.SC.GOV.

2019 S.C. Energy Freedom Act

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