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Natural Gas Service Availability

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To check for availability at your location please call 803-268-4304 or contact on of our Customer Service Representatives at 803-268-4050. 

Advantages of Natural Gas

It’s environmentally friendly

Natural gas tops other fossil fuels when it comes to clean burning. Since the process of natural gas combustion is almost up to the mark, the level of byproducts disseminated to the environmental is little. In addition, advances in technologies have massively reduced nitrogen oxide, a common pollutant emitted by natural gas. The blue flame witnessed during the process of burning natural gas is an indication that the gas is burning perfectly.

Also, since combustion from natural gas is clean, it does not leave unsightly ash, soot, and bad odors behind.

Embracing natural gas alleviates any need for underground storage tank, which wipes out the risk of soil contamination,oil spills and unplanned and expensive clean-up of the environment. In case your storage tank is above ground, embracing natural gas alleviates any risk regarding corrosion of the tank and spills. It’s also non-toxic, which means, low or high exposure will not have any impacts on humans.

Safer and easier to store, by far

Natural gas occurs underneath the surfaces of the earth, which means, when storms come, the delivery will not be impacted in any way. Other energy sources like electricity can be interrupted for days in case of severe storms. Extreme cold conditions are even worse for electricity since power is often knock out time after time.