“Attention DPU customers, please be advised that there are salesman in many area neighborhoods who are representing themselves as affiliated with DPU, and are trying to sell solar panels.  DPU has not contracted with any outside source for the promotion of solar power.  DPU believes that solar power is a very important renewable energy source, and is proud that a component of the energy purchased by DPU is generated by solar.  We advise all customers to fully investigate any solar company before purchasing, and if there are any questions, please call our electric division at (803) 268-4204.  DPU, your hometown utility source since 1898.”

Vendor Information

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We appreciate your interest in doing business with the Department of Public Utilities. We hope this guide will benefit you as a vendor. Our aim is to promote a climate for good business relationships. This guide will outline our procurement and invoicing guidelines.

As a local government, the Department is a subdivision of the State of South Carolina and is entitled to State Contract Purchasing and may use State Contract in lieu of bidding.

New Vendors

Prior to becoming an approved vendor, prospective vendors must be pre-qualified by the Department. To be pre-qualified, a new vendor must complete a pre-qualification form.The form may be obtained from the purchasing agent. Return completed forms by fax or email below.

Approved and Current Vendors

Beginning in the summer of 2015 the Department will begin using a new Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal. Vendors will be able view RFP’s, bids, Purchase orders, invoice status and payment history. The VSS portal will utilize NIGP commodity codes. The Department will notify all approved vendors more information when the VSS Purchase portal is near completion.

All vendors must supply the following:

  • IRS form W-9
  • Contractor Affidavit (SC Illegal Immigration Reform Act)
  • Vendor Information Form


Vendors performing any service on the Department’s premises or utility system shall procure and maintain at all times the following insurance with minimum limits equal to the amount indicated below. The Department reserves the right to approve the insurance as acceptable and adequate. Should any of the policies be cancelled before the expiration date, a written notice must be delivered to the Department.

  • General Liability Insurance: Minimum requirement: $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  • Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability Insurance: Minimum requirement: $500,000 each.
  • Contractor Affidavit (Safety, Insurance and Hold Harmless Requirement)


  • A Purchase Order properly numbered and signed by a Department Director or the Manager is required for all purchases over $5,000.
  • Manager, Warren Harley.
  • Directors: Joshua Nexsen, Wade Holmes, Dave Durgin, Eric Odom, Richard Labrador
  • Purchases not authorized by a Purchase Order, such as purchases via internet, mail, telephone, email or walk-in must contain the purchaser’s full name upon invoicing.


  • All items must be shipped FOB Orangeburg, SC unless otherwise instructed in writing on the Purchase Order.
  • All quotes provided to DPU must contain freight charges or freight charges will not be paid.
  • All shipping labels and bill of lading must contain a valid PURCHASE ORDER number when authorized by a PURCHASE ORDER.
  • All shipping labels and bill of lading not authorized by a PURCHASE ORDER must contain the purchaser’s full name.
  • Unless otherwise authorized by a Department Director or PURCHASE ORDER, all items are to be shipped to:

DPU Operations Center
350 Sprinkle Ave
Orangeburg, SC 29115

Invoicing and Payments

Invoices should be mailed within 15 business days after delivery of goods and/or performance of services to:

Department Of Public Utilities or
Attn: Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 1057
Orangeburg, SC 29116

Vendors can normally expect payment within 30 days of billing provided that proper invoicing requirements have been followed as listed below:

  • A Purchase Order properly numbered and signed by an authorized approver is required for all invoices over $5,000.
  • All invoices must contain a valid PURCHASE ORDER number when authorized by a PURCHASE ORDER.
  • All invoices not authorized by a PURCHASE ORDER must contain the purchaser’s full name or the invoice will be returned.