“We are pleased to announce that effective 10-01-2019, the Department of Public Utilities has entered into an operating agreement with the Bull Swamp Rural Water Company, Inc. to provide billing, payment and other operating functions for the Bull Swamp customers.  DPU looks forward to serving Bull Swamp Water customers.” Click here for more information.

There are approximately 180 regular full-time employees currently working for the Department of Public Utilities.

The best way to compete for employment with D.P.U. is to have, at a minimum, a high school diploma and some formal training. Some jobs require even more education, especially the higher paying positions that have a greater degree of responsibility, such as engineering or supervising.

The Department hires engineers, mechanics, computer programmers and operators, accountants, plant mechanics, line workers, secretaries, meter readers and many others. We look for employees who like people and enjoy meeting, working, and interacting with the public.

Almost every position in our organization requires contact with our citizens and business people.

Please visit our job posting center to view and for all career opportunities.