Who is eligible to receive help from Project Good Neighbor?

In short, only those households which live in the DPU electric service area and have a verifiable energy emergency.

Who determines eligibility?

The Cooperative Church Ministries of Orangeburg, (CCMO) will qualify all applicants. CCMO is an outreach ministry of over twenty churches in the Orangeburg area. CCMO is completely directed and staffed by unpaid volunteers. The staff volunteers are trained and supervised to validate and procure help for those in need. Persons interested in applying for help should contact:

CCMO . 899 Russell Street . Orangeburg, SC 29115 . (803) 531-4913

How are the funds administered?

Ninety-four percent (94%) or more of ALL donations will be used to directly assist qualified recipients in meeting their emergency energy needs.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, your donations are tax deductible. DPU will record your donations and automatically provide you with a year-end statement. (As with all tax issues, please consult a qualified tax preparer for further information.)

How can I help?

It is simple. You may fill out the back of this form and return it to DPU with your next utility bill payment, or you may sign up in person at our main office at 1016 Russell Street. Your donation will be added to your monthly utility bill under the description “Project Good Neighbor” and will be included in the total amount of your bill.

Important Note...

The City of Orangeburg’s Department of Public Utilities does not retain ANY portion of your donation. In addition, DPU does not decide who receives assistance, nor how much assistance an individual is eligible to receive.

"For as little as one dollar per month, added to your utility bill, you can help someone
from going to bed cold at night.”


Project Good Neighbor is a voluntary donation program implemented
by the City of Orangeburg’s Department of Public Utilities. The program
is designed to provide direct financial assistance to those in need
during emergency situations. Your donations will help individuals and
families purchase coal, fuel oil, kerosene, firewood, electricity, gas or other
fuels necessary for providing comfort.


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